The German Cup is about to start. However, the schedule has changed. The German Cup final was supposed to be held on May 23, but it has now been postponed to July 4.

Photo: Reuters

German Cup football has been suspended due to the corona virus. Not just German Cup football, all kinds of football tournaments have been postponed.

The whole world of action has come to a standstill. But among the best leagues in Europe, the domestic league German Cup is starting in Germany first.

The German Football Association (DFB) has set a new schedule for this season’s German Cup final and semi-final, the DFB said in a statement on Monday.

According to the new schedule, the final of the German Cup will be held on July 4. According to the old schedule, the final of the German Cup was scheduled for May 23.

The venue has not changed either. The authorities are going to organize the match in an empty gallery in Berlin. Eintracht Frankfurt will face Bayern Munich in the first semifinal on 9 June.

Bear Leverkusen will play against Sarbrucken in the second semifinal on June 10.

Although the schedule for the tournament is announced by the German Football Association, the government will make the final decision. MTA said Fritz Keller, president of the country’s football association.


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