The current world is stopped by the Corona virus. Shakib Al Hasan observed 14 days of home quarantine because of this corona virus.

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Shakib was unable to meet his wife and children due to the Corona virus. Shakib Al Hasan’s wife and children are in the United States. This time Shakib Al Hasan was in Bangladesh.

The Corona virus is pandemic in the world and one must be careful to avoid the virus. Since the virus was infected, Shakib has not met his wife and children back in the United States.

Shakib stayed in the hotel for two weeks back in the United States. Shakib Al Hasan released a video message from the hotel to the people of Bangladesh. In the video message, Shakib says, everyone must stay home.

Keep in mind that outside relatives may not meet. Must have a 14 day home quarantine. I myself returned from the country to a hotel room. I have informed them, will be here for a while and since I have been on the fly I have a bit of a risk.

So I kept myself isolated. Because of that I didn’t meet my baby. It’s definitely hard for me. ‘ I tried to find out how to sterilize myself. I urge you and you to be sterile.

He also said that the ‘Shakib Foundation’ initiative will provide assistance to 2,000 poorly disadvantaged families. Shakib Al Hasan also informed about the supply of kits of Tk 2 lakh.


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