Cristiano Ronaldo is converting two luxury hotels into hospitals for patients suffering from the Corona virus. He will bear the costs of patients and doctors.

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Corona virus is the name of terror in the current world. Hundreds of people are dying every day because of this virus. The impact of the corona virus has stalled the earth and the world has stalled.

In many countries around the world, sports have been closed and closed. The game of football has also been stopped in different countries of the world. Various soccer tournaments in the world have been closed.

Because the coroner virus has infected soccer players. Players have been discontinued so the players and the virus cannot be infected. The Corona virus was originally born in China, but it has spread slowly throughout the world.

No antidote to this virus has been discovered yet so the risk of death is higher if infected with the virus. Around one and a half million people have been infected with the virus worldwide.

Nearly six thousand died of the virus. More people in Italy have been infected with the virus after China. So football players are standing by Italy. Cristiano Ronaldo is coming forward to prevent the outbreak of the deadly virus.

Cristiano Ronaldo fears the horrors of the Corona virus, as do eight people. Ronaldo plans to make the two hotels a hospital with this idea.

Lisbon is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in Portugal. Former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo says people on the planet are having a bad time now.

The current Juventus star said everyone wants to be treated by the World Health Organization. She and the World Health Organization are dealing with the deadly Corona virus by following the rules.


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