This year’s IPL schedule has been changed due to the Corona virus. IPL will be launched on April 15 instead of March 29.

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One of the best leagues in the world is the Indian Premier League (IPL). The IPL is held once every year. The IPL was supposed to be held every year as it was this year. The IPL was expected to start this year from March 29.

But the BCCI was forced to postpone this popular tournament because of the Corona virus. IPL will be held on April 15 instead of March 29. This year’s IPL is 17 days behind.

The BCCI had earlier announced the schedule on March 29. Now the BCCI will have to change the schedule. BCCI will change the new IPL schedule starting April 14.

The world is now in terror because of the Corona virus. Corona virus is a deadly virus. Thousands of people are dying from the virus. Since the anti-viral antidote was not discovered, the virus is almost certain to die.

However, many people got rid of the virus in the initial stages. As the virus spreads through sneezing and coughing, anyone can become infected. Many visitors will enjoy playing in the IPL.

And if so many people rally, they will increase the risk of getting coronary virus and infected. Later, the virus could spread to the country and could create conditions like China and Italy.

So the BCCI does not want such a situation to happen in India. The Indian government has banned travel to and from abroad. The ban will last for about a month. Due to this ban, foreign players will travel to India and there will be problems.

Moreover, the cricket boards of different countries are in a difficult position due to the corona virus. As a result, many cricketers have objected to playing IPL because of the virus.

And foreign players are the main attraction of the IPL game. If foreign players cannot join the IPL, then the IPL will not be in any way.

So considering the situation caused by the Corona virus, the IPL schedule has to be changed. In a formal statement, BCCI General Secretary Joy Shah said, “The Indian cricket board has decided to pursue the IPL.


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