Bangladesh will visit Ireland in the second week of May. The two teams will play in the three-match ODI series and the four-match Twenty20 series.

Photo : AFP

Bangladesh was supposed to play a Test match, three-match ODIs and T20 series in Ireland. However, Ireland’s cricket board said it was unable to play the test due to financial problems. There will be an extra Twenty20 match instead of just a Test match.

The tour was supposed to be a three-match T20 series but a T20 match was added due to the exclusion of the Test match.The tour will now be a four-match T20 series.

Bangladesh and Ireland will play three-match one-day series on this tour. The three matches will be held in the same stadium in the three-match ODI series.

The ODIs will be held at the Starmut International Cricket Stadium in Ireland. The Twenty20 series will be held in England. Twenty20 matches will be held in four different stadiums. The character of England is as follows: 1 The Oval, 2 Chelmsford, 3 Bristol and 4 Edgbaston.

The schedule for the ODI and T20 series is given below:

ODI Series

Date March Venue
14th May 1st ODI Starmut
16th May 2nd ODI Starmut
19th May 3rd ODI Starmut


The Twenty20 series

Date Match Venue
22th May First Twenty20 The Oval
24th May Second Twenty20 Chelmsford
27th May Third Twenty20 Bristol
29    May Fourth T20 Edgbaston


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