Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos touches a record of seeing a red card in the Champions League. Sergio Ramos saw the 26th red card against Manchester City last match.

Real skipper Sergio Ramos left the field after seeing the red card (Photo: AFP).

Manchester City face Real Madrid in Bernabeu yesterday. Real Madrid lost to Man City at home. Manchester City defeated Real Madrid 2-1 in that match. Real Madrid have also lost at home from the front. Two teams leave the field with a zero draw in the first half.

In the second half the goals are three. Returning from the break, Real Madrid scored the goal in 60 minutes. Manchester City return to parity in 78 minutes. Manchester City confirmed the victory when they scored again in the 83rd minute.

Sergio Ramos, who lost his temper at the last minute, saw the red card. Real Madrid became a ten-man squad after Real’s captain left the field. Real Madrid could not turn around with a team of ten.

As a result, Manchester City left the field with a 2-1 win over Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos made a record by seeing the red card these days. Sport means making records and breaking records. The record is created to break the record. Every day new records are being created in the sport.

However, another record was made by Sergio Ramos. He created a record of watching the red card. He saw the red card for the 26th time. If he sees two more red cards, he will go to the top of the squad, with Cyril Rule, a former midfielder from Nice and Marshall.

Rule saw the second highest 27 red cards. The highest red card viewing record is former Colombian defensive midfielder Gerardo Bedor. He has seen the red card 46 times in his 20-year career for the country and club. The record for watching Sergio Ramos’ red card is just another record in the football world.



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