Manchester United defeated Chelsea 2-0 goals in the last match.Manchester United have kept the Champions League hopes alive with this win.

Photo: AFP

Chelsea are ranked No. 4 in the table and lost in this match.Chelsea would have been strong at number four if they had won this match.But Chelsea lost to Manchester United 2-0 at Stamford Bridge in this match. However, in the last match neither team could offer good game.Manchester United lead by 1 goal in the first half.

Anthony Martial led the team in the final minute of the first half. Anthony Martial scored the goal from the head of One Bisker Cross. Chelsea scored in the 53rd minute but when Cesar Azpilicueta pushed Fred away just before the goal, he canceled the goal VAR.

Maguire’s goal from Bruno Fernandez’s corner in the 66th minute ended Chelsea. After that the two teams got a chance to score, but nobody could use it. Olivier Ziru’s goal from Chelsea was dismissed in the 8th minute.Chelsea could have drawn this match but Chelsea lost two goals.Chelsea’s first goal was dropped due to faul and the second goal was dropped off-site.

Chelsea have only one win in the league this year.Chelsea, who have gained 5 points from 20 matches, are now among the catch. Tottenham and Sheffield United are sixth with five points each.Manchester are not far behind with 5 points. Even at 8, Burnley is only 3 points behind.


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